Len Norris, for those not in the know, was the editorial cartoonist for the Vancouver Sun. For over a quarter of a century his pen and ink graced the Sun's editorial page. I had the luck to grow up viewing his black and white bon mots and even while being a dumb-ass kid I could see something special. Having reached the status of being a dumb-ass adult I can leverage the experience of a lifetime of searching out and viewing the work of other cartoonists, editorial or otherwise and subjective though it is, Norris was as good as any cartoonist I've had the pleasure of seeing.

The thing is, I've never seen any colour work by the brilliant Mr. Norris. So, as a drawing exercise and as a colour study, over the years I've done paintings of Norris' work. On average, I bet a year goes by before I'll finish a given piece - speedy I'm not. As a perspective on brilliance and talent, I'll do an analogy. Len Norris is the sun - my talent comparison wise is mass and proximity to the sun - I'm a dust speck in the Oort cloud.

The Vancouver Sun published annually collections of Norris' past year of cartoons. Norris was a local themes editorial cartoonist, seldom commenting on the national or global scene. As a result, he was much loved locally but not really well known on the national level so the books seldom got out of the lower mainland of BC. Published in a bright yellow cover with the exception of the 3rd and 25th editions, if you find one in a used book store and you want a visual treat, buy it. You won't be disappointed.

If you want to check out more of Mr. Norris' wonderful cartoons, Simon Fraser University was the lucky recipient of a substantial portion of Norris' originals. They are digitizing his works (along with other BC editorial cartoonists) in an ongoing cyber project. Here is the link:
It's a wonderful endeavour, kudos to SFU!!